More Nerve Racking

Pitching in the 7th game of the world series or pitching the gold medal game for the USA (or selected country)

Game 7 for sure. there is just so many more people watching the WS than the olyimpics and if you pitch a great game in the WS people remember your name a lot longer than if you win the gold.

I’d say pitching for Cuba, if they make the WBC final. NY Times had a great article about the Cuban National baseball team on the front page of the sports section today.

the key to the wbc is who has the most position players/pitchers that have played winter ball.

I would say game 7.

If I be like yeah I wanna pitch in this game, it would always be the world series, I actually have never even though much about the olympic level/WBC.

I believe baseball has been erased from either the 2008 or 2012 olympics. (and then on I think)

THe world baseball classic could really gain some serious prestige here in a decade or so. Right now it’s the first year, and it’s been rough around the edges due to controversy of country to play for and MLB owners opinions.

I’d be curious what I would say about 10 years from now, I’m 99% sure it would be the world series, but the WBC is in a great position to take off and grow if cards are played right. If there was millions of people world wide watching the choice would be interesting maybe a bit of a different story.