More MPH

Hi everybody. My name is Lee and I’m 22 years old. I have played/pitched most of my life and currently I play on a mens league team. I would like to gain some velocity on my fastball without losing a bunch of accuracy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Smooth form and, overall, pretty good mechanics. I’d suggest the following nonetheless:

  1. Speed up your overall tempo. You move very slowly and then try to fire all at once at the end. As a result, you’re not getting the opportunity to have your lower body contribute to the level that it can.

  2. Generate more sideways momentum during the stride, which will have the effect of lengthening your stride, which looks short presently.

  3. Work on getting your hips rotating prior to landing while the shoulders remain closed until landing. Right now, you tend to bring the hips and shoulders simultaneously. The momentum generated during the stride from #2 above is most effectively transferred to the upper body by having hip/shoulder separation into landing, thus stretching, or loading, the muscles and connective tissues of the torso, creating a “torque” effect.

  4. Add some trunk flexion toward release and beyond. You remain quite upright throughout your delivery. Now, many successful pitchers throw with a very similar motion to yours in this respect but they maximize shoulder rotation velocity, which you haven’t quite done. I recommend more trunk flexion but others may recommend just rotating harder.

Good comments from dm59. I’ll add to those.

You definitely need to pick up the tempo to increase the momentum and, therefore, the energy that you can put into the ball. Start by getting the hips going toward the target (sideways like dm59 explained) sooner and faster.

Also, in order to keep the shoulders closed longer and increase hip and shoulder separation (again, as dm59 described), one thing you need to do is Get the glove up in front and make sure it’s there WHEN YOUR FRONT FOOT PLANTS. You don’t have to hold it there - it can be there for just a passing moment. But it needs to be there at foot plant. It’s the timing that is important. In your case, you reach that point and then vacate it before the front foot plants causing you to start opening up early (which robs velocity) and to stop moving forward (which means your release point isn’t as far forward as it could be.

The increased momentum will help carry your body out over the front leg more and staying closed will buy yourself the timing to track forward. You’ll maximize your velocity and you’ll get your release closer to home plate. I like to see front foot, front knee and chin aligned vertically at release with the release point 8" - 12" in front of the front foot.

thanks for the feedback guys. i’m going to work on tweaking my timing and keeping my shoulders closed longer. if there’s anything else you guys can see let me know. otherwise i’ll post a video once i’ve practiced these tweaks. thanks again

the big thing is getting that forward momentum continuing through release. It looks llike when you let the back go your head is a bit bihind your left knee. You should have your head out on top of your left knee at release.