More movement on

pretty much everything including fastball, curve, etc…how do u get more, i am in need of some help.

First of all,
you need to work on mechanics.
The rest will follow.

As for curveball,
one of the important things is how you pull the ball from your glove.

If you want more movement on a fastball,
try learning to pitch some fastballs other than four-seam fastballs.
The splitter (it really is a fastball called the split-finger fastball)
or two-seam or cutter.

When you throw a curveball,
you need to pull the ball from the glove so that
the palm of your pitching hand is facing towards home plate (or you- which ever you want to say).
Alot of people, when they bring their arm and hand towards home plate,
deliver the curveball with a motion similar to a karate-chop.

Obviously, proper grip and technique are required. But what isn’t so obvious is your mechanics and timing. Good mechanics and timing will allow your release point to happen out in front and that gets you better movement than if your release point is pulled back and raised up which happens when you tilt your posture or you open up early.