More Movement on both 2 seam fb

How do I get more more movement on my 2 seam fastball. I believe it is related to the grip, but I’m not sure. I read the articles on this Steven Ellis’s website & it references a photo but there isn’t one there. So I thought I would ask you guys.

Right now I hold the ball pretty deep in my hand but the ball doesn’t break down like I want it to. Can I hold the ball too deep in my hand? Does holding it too deep cause it to be just a slow, straight fastball?

you have to understand that backing the ball in your hand reduces spin on a fastball, thereof, you might be lacking some rotation that would give more bite t the pitch. also, to get good sinking and running action on your two seamer, try this trick, when youre throwing the pitch, try to show the inside part of the ball to the catcher (the inside here means the part of the ball that is between your index and thumb). doesnt need to be a lot, try different degrees, you will alter spin axis and spin axis is what makes the ball sink.

my 2 seam last year had a deadly sinking motion but now its dead

but that souns useful 4pie I’ll give it a try

You could try to put a little more pressure on one seam than the other, I think this is where a cut fastball comes from.

yes you’re right, putting more pressure on index finger makes you pronate at release and more pressure on middle finger makes you suppinate at release. it all depends on release point though, your arm angle is low you will get tones of mouvement, your arm angle is higher you get less mouvement but usually trade it for control.

you can throw two variations of the 2 seam fastball…one is to hold it in between the 2 seams, getting more sinking movement, the other type is on top of the seams, this will get more of a run to it…the main thing with getting movement is arm speed and arm slot and getting out in front with the pitch…

Thanks All -

I’ve moved the ball out in my grip - but this really is harder to throw (I spike a whole bunch of balls in front of my catcher). Can I move the ball too far out in my grip?? Is the goal to get the ball away from the palm or to put as little of the surface of the ball in contact with the hand (including fingers) as possible? My hands are really big (more long fingered - I wear a size 14 shoe and can palm a basketball) - so even when I move the baseball away from the palm I still have a lot of finger touching the ball.

you can put the ball too out in front, basically theres no magical spots, just keep the pam off. your fingers can touch the ball like they want, they are what are giving you those extra mphs.just get something comfortable and throw it hard showing the inside part of the ball to the catcher. dont change anything in your mechanics, just play with how you release the ball and what type of spin you put on it.

since you are a big guy, you might throw hard? if thats the case, you could try and do the exact same thing but with a 4-seam grip. you will get tailling action on your 4-seam fastball, maybe a little less sink but since more seams are rotating throught the air you will get more tail. pedro martinez, in his prime pitched primarly 4seamers but placed it well and had good tailling action because of the spin he would put on it.

What I do is I try to show the inside of the ball to the catcher but also my grip is a little to the left of the seams and i get a down and in to righties and im righty