More Important to a Pitcher: Height or Strength

What do you think is more important to a pitcher height/length or strength/bodymass.

What is more important to a pitchers velocity?

I know height and length aren’t always the same thing but i’ve grouped them together because of their similarities. In addition, strength and body mass are not the same, but for the sake of this post,i’ve grouped them together.

flexibility and efficient mechanics should be up there too, i think you could be as tall as you want and as strong as you want, if you dont have proper mechanics and good flexibility overall you wont reach high speed. this is why you see skinny guys 5’8" throwing mid 90s.

You can do something about strength and flexibilty. Your height is genetically fixed. You have to deal with the hand you are dealt. See Tim collins.


Memo to TheUnDiscovered: One day my pitching coach was talking to me about just that. He said that much of what he did on the mound was deception, and he told me several things about it, all of which resonated with me because I was the same type of pitcher—not much on speed but with a very good arsenal of breaking stuff and offspeed pitches. He reiterated the following: “Figure out what the batter is looking for, and don’t give it to him.” He reminded me about moving the ball around, changing speeds, and keeping away from the middle of the plate because that’s what batters are usually looking for…something right in their wheelhouse. And, most important—get that first pitch in there for a strike. 8)

I personally think height is more important because you can create strength through plyometric workouts which still dont give you bodymass but allow you to become more powerful and explosive. i think that the combination of plyometrics and height/length equal velocity… my example Aroldis Chapman.