More help

Hey i was wondering if my fastaball would be faster if i was pitching off a mound. Im pitching on flat ground until i go to my dad’s house on the weekend and then i can go to his high school field and pitch.

I was also wondering if I’, too small for my age. Im turning 15 on 7/26/06 and im 5’ 5" and 135lbs. Most of my family (moms side…whom i most take after.) gets their height and weight between 17-19 years old. Am I normal in size for my age.

Pitching off the mound if proper mechanics used you have more of a push-off(if you use the mound to your advantage) and a slight downslope from the mound to the plate. This will help… but i don’t think any more than 1 to 3 MPH at the most.

and with the size… some people just grow late…it’s just a fact of life… i think when you get to your maturing age you will see a quick change in the speed of your pitch. longer arms, legs, bigger hips, etc. if used correctly could/will easily add more speed to your throw.

You size is just fine. I’m 15 (entering my Junior Year) and I’m 5’8" 130 lbs. As a Freshman I was about 5’4" 115 lbs. This is wierd because my whole family is tall. My brother is 6’5", my dad is 6’0" my mom is 5’11" and my sister is 5’10". I was able to make the high school team.

Your fastball should be slightly faster off a mound, 1-3 mph sounds about right.

As for your height, don’t worry about it. Why worry about something you can’t control? Freshman year, I was 15, and I was 5’7’’ 140 and made the freshman team. Sophomore year, I was 16, and I was 5’8’’ 155. I’m not too much bigger than you. The thing with me is my parents are both pretty short, my dad’s 5’7’’ and my mom’s 5’6’’. Maybe you’ll grow later, but you’ll have to wait to find out. Just remember, don’t worry about something you can’t control. You should be worrying about things you can control, like how hard you’re willing to work.

man I grew early (im 13 5’9"), and it’s no fun especiqally trying to pitch

there is no normal size for any age…im your age i’m 5"10 200 lbs…but my best friend is actually a month older than me and hes 5"3 120 lbs…i throw around 80 but for his size he throws pretty good…about 70-75