More Chris O'Leary nonsense

O’Leary is opposed to “Michael Lance Lynn]breaking with the elbows
” and the “inverted L”, yet fails to see this in his analysis of recent MLB draftee [url=[/url].

Tell me folks, what do you see? What do you think you see? What is actually happening? What isn’t happening? How can one be so sure of what one sees or doesn’t see?

its the beauty of the internet

i think this guy is trying to ruffle some feathers with some still frames and as I have said before you cant tell jack **** from still frames…

this clip shows very good loading of the scaps as well as very good rotation into footplant. with out seeing a radar gun on this guy i would venture to say he throws 92+ fairly easy

Yeah, looking back at the video his arm action looks fine. I used to like what Chris O’Leary had to say, but after doing more research I like Dick Mills’ ideas more.

I see no inverted L or breaking with elbows. I see breaking with the hands. Thats the point of making observations though, to get feedback. That is probably the worst possible angle for making any of those decisions though

This is clearly NOT “inverted L,” as the forearm is not completely vertical and his hand is not right below the elbow. The elbow picking up the ball is very small and not as significant as other pitchers.

The problem I have with this analysis is that Lynn’s forearm isn’t completely vertical when the shoulders rotate (or at least, when the foot plants) but O’ Leary says his timing is fine.

I read this article that O’Leary wrote about a week or so ago and then i went and personally watched the draft video of Lynn. O’Leary tries to compare Lynn’s mechanics to those of Maddux and Clemens saying that they compare very favorably. I’m sorry but I don’t really see it. Ya his arm works pretty well, but as far as leg mechanics go he isn’t even close to Clemens or Maddux. O’Leary likes how Lynn’s back leg comes off the ground before release. I have a problem with this anyways but for O’Leary himself it’s hypocritical! The very guys he uses as examples of “perfect” mechanics (Maddux, Clemens, Oswalt to name a few) almost all release the ball with their back foot still on the ground. Also, Lynn is about 4 or 5 inches across his body. This is something that is easily fixed though. It’s not that I think Lynn is a bad pick. He’s obviously got some good stuff and fairly solid mechanics, but for O’Leary to say, and I quote, “Lance Lynn bears a significant resemblance to Greg Maddux in both his mechanics and the pitches he throws,” is absurd and unfair to Lynn. I really don’t see any Maddux in him. Tell me if i’m crazy…