More break on curveball

Hi im a high school pitcher with a decent fastball in upper 70s with alot of movement because i throw 3/4 arm. This keeps hitters off balance for 1 or 2 trips through the lineup but i need a curveball in addition to a changeup to keep batters guessing. I had an excellant curve but lost it a year ago and Im having trouble getting it to really snap off. Any suggestions?

Check your mechnics. Posture issues as well as timing issues (opening up early) will pull your release point back and raise it up and that will reduce movement.

At about that time, did you introduce another pitch to your inventory?
… or …

Did you notice any improvement in another pitch that you already had?

Coach B.

I also used to find it helpful to work shorter and then when I was spinning 9 out of 10 curveballs for strikes, back it up 5 feet until I got to 60-feet-6. Throwing shorter sometimes forces you to bring your arm through quicker.

One thing I changed from last year to this year is I changed from a standard curve grip to a spike curve grip. It really helped me to get that extra tight top spin that gives it it’s break. In fact I’ve been throwing it more than my knuck lately, it’s been getting me a lot of outs.

Can you describe the grip and release of the knuckle curve?

Sorry…meant spike curve.

Spike and knuckle curve are the same thing. Basically grip your curveball, then curl your index finger back so that the knuckle is on the ball and then when you snap it off your finger should naturally straighten and add top spin to the ball as it flicks it forward.

I’ve been told by teammates and opposing players that it’s pretty nasty, I’ve been getting a lot of outs with it lately.

Thanks. The grip my son has been using is to rest the outside of his middle finger up against the seam of a two seam grip. Then, he “chops off the ear” of the catcher and finishes by pointing his index finger at the spot he is throwing to. Is that your basic delivery except you use the knuckle of your index finger?

I had a pitching coach from the Mariners system on my team for years and he really helped me when I faced the same situation. What fixed me was very simple - slow down the windup. When I rused my delivery, the curve broke far less. Slowing down my windup did wonders for the break on my ball. This doesn’t fix pitching from the stretch but is a great idea to try. Good luck!

Actually I point my middle finger toward the target, not my index, it’s kind of weird at first but it works for me.