More Arm Pain

Hey guys… same problem as last week… even though i iced it a few times last week… and stretched it out good. well anyways 1st pitch i threw after warming up hurt but then i stretched it and then it didnt hurt as much so I kept workin… the pain now is on the back side of the shoulder… not so much on the top but also a little on the chest side as well. I iced my arm for like 15 min and then 10 on the elbow… does any 1 know any stretches for the back part of the cuff… cause i know a lot of stretches for the chest side.

Do you do bench presses or push-ups?

nope i used to … but i stopped in like the summer

Iced for a week, still sore when throws. See a sports doc before it gets out of hand. Sounds like its the external rotators that may be the problem. Hard to tell without an exam. Can you reach the bad arm behind the back like as if you were trying to rub your low back region with the back of your hand? That will put a stretch into the external rotator muscles and joint capsule.

These shoulder problems that come right back after they seem healed are usually do to an imbalance in the rotator cuff muscles and scapular stabilizers.

yeah i can do that fine… my coach told me today that it’s prob just sore b/c my arm isnt used to throwin as much as I have been so I’d be getting a lot of these quickly and in the beginning… but they’ll go away. I think b/c I didn’t relaly start off slow… like long toss for a few weeks then build up thatm ight have suttin to do with it like it was too much too soon for it. I just started like warm up… then pitching… warm up then pitcing