I workout out almost everyday and constantly mix up my workout. i am finding it very hard recently to balance my school work, personal life, and baseball. any ideas on how to stay confident and continue to work through the lull of winter?

Have your girlfriend catch for you :D. no. Its defiantly hard. I commend you for it. Stay tough, but remember ACADEMICS are the most important thing.

Some years ago there was a major league pitcher named Clem Dreisewerd who stayed in shape during the winter by having his wife catch for him. Every day, when the dishes and other chores were done, she would yank off her apron, pull on a catcher’s mitt, and spend an hour or so putting him through his paces. Edna (that was her name) was a very good catcher. I see no reason why you couldn’t do the same thing—have your girlfriend get behind the plate with a mitt and catch for you while you work on mechanics, or another pitch, whatever, for an hour or so. It’s a matter of balancing yhour schedule. 8)

I teach a leadership class in High School and most of my students share the same problem until I have them write out their day. Have you tried keeping a simple daily to do list? writing down your goals, breaking them down to daily tasks? When my students do this, most of them find 2-4 hours of time each day for their personal life.
For an adult with kids, that is a ton of time. :smiley:
Your consistency will pay off; most kids are just playing videogames and watching too much television so keep it up!

Making a schedule helps a ton. I make one every single day. Not only does it help organize your time, it helps you remember to do everything and to leave time for everything you need to do. It always you to think about each thing you do during the day and not to spend too much time doing one thing, so that you can still accomplish all your other tasks.

I would highly recommend making a schedule and trying to stick to it.

But at the same time be willing to move things around and make adjustments. Things rarely go as planned.

Schedules help and they will help you prepare for College and life beyond College time management is key to doing anything in your life. Sit down and map out your day and like the other poster’s have said you’ll more then likely be surprised to see you have more time then you think you do.

One thing I found that helped was lifting early in the morning. It gave me more energy and it seemed as though the day was longer.

According to my dad, your testosterone levels are higher in the morning. So that is the time of the day that is best lifting.