Moo Doo


A coach I worked with always had this knack for growing stuff. He had a stack of gardening magazines with him on away games and was in a few newspaper articles from his home town about his hobby.

Our club had arrangements with a college to use their field and limited on-campus facilities. By coincidence, my friend and the college grounds superintendent struck up a friendship and that ultimately developed into a job offering. He left and as time went on, became the field maintenance director for all on-field athletics.

As time went on, and another club later, we had an away game at that college and I was amazed at how beautiful the ball field was. The grass had this deep forest green look. The infield was like a carpet.

While having coffee with some friends recently his name came up and I mentioned how beautiful his ball field was. One of the guys says,” he used Moo Doo.”

Moo … What?

Moo Doo. I was told to look it up, there’s actually a fertilizer called Moo Doo.

Well, I did look it up … and I’ll be darned … here it is…][img][/img