Momentum vs. Timing

Which do you think is more important. I think timing is because if you look at guys like Ted Lilly, he gets almost no momentum, he is very slow and controlled but has good timing which allows him to throw high 80’s/ low 90’s.

Simply 2 tools in the toolbox available to us.

The momentum of an object is defined as the object’s mass times its velocity. Since the mass of a baseball is a constant for all pitchers, Ted Lilly is generating the same momentum on the ball at his release point as any other pitcher who throws in the high 80’s/low 90’s.

Differences in velocity between pitches are equivalent, in every important way, to the differences in momentum between different types of pitches.

Timing in a pitch delivery is an extremely interesting variable that individual pitchers may control in different ways to disrupt the hitters’ timing expectations. Imagine pitching/hitting as a dance in which the hitter performs at his best only if he can properly time his motion to the pitcher’s motion. On the other hand, the pitcher will come out on top if he can deliberately mislead and disrupt his partner’s sense of timing in this dance. There are obviously rules that govern how far the pitcher can go with his deceptive behavior but, once the batter is in the box and judged ready to hit, the pitcher’s timing patterns are his own to control.

The question of which is more important, momentum or timing, sort of misses the point, IMO. They are both extremely important, as DM59’s answer implies.

Momentum creates energy that is available to put into the ball. Good timing helps transfer that energy efficiently through the body and into the ball.

Good momentum also helps you get your release point closer to home plate.

Good timing also helps you stay healthy.

to be a great pitcher you must have both