Momentum pitching 9 yrs

Just starting to pitch and looking to understand what would be the next steps to improving his velocity. Hes accurate to throwing strikes but lacks the pop.

Anyone use momentum pitching? Straight step back and then fire the hip and trunk sideways into landing. How do you tell if he is using as much of his lower body as he should?

thanks for any advice.



morgan_red, he’s 9, I left you a bit on his video on the previous post…you don’t need to worry about velocity right now. His velocity looks fine, work on accuracy and learning to pitch. I don’t agree that momentum pitching is the way to go, it looks kinda cool but how many do you see using it at any level, also what about with runners on base, it’s not effective at all to invest time in learning.

Start with the recommendations I made earlier and he will move his pitching along nicely.

work on glove turn, strikes and cu