Momentum and upper body ? need help

I noticed when MLB pitchers plant there upper body fire down to there leg and they extend there arm way out over there plant leg. And they get there head to move to over the knee.

Does this mean they have good momentum??? Or are you supose to try to get extension with your arm and upper body over the plant leg?

Do you try to get your upper body over the leg or let momentum do it for you. Because it seems like you could just brace and extend the leg like roger clemens does and bring the chest to the leg is that something that is needed?

I’m just studing doesn’t mean I’m going to change unless im doing something wrong.

Ps after I land I do not move my upper body forward I just throw or rotate. Should I rotate and extend body over plant leg at the same time?

look at frames 45-50

Look how his upper body drives into his knee and he drives out and over his knee.

I see it as he braces and extends the knee a little while dropping the upper body forward and lunging upper body to plate.

Is that mechanically sound and the right thing to do?

ROGER/DM can you help me.

This is the “stack and track” part of the NPA’s mechanics model. Head and shoulders remain stacked upright through shoulder rotation and external rotation of the throwing arm. The low back extends (ie. arches) in a momentary isometric load. About the time the arm snaps forward, the low back releases and the torso flexes forward. While all of this is happening, the torso continues to track forward.

Now, from what I gather, too much of this and the rotational (i.e. Nyman) guys would say you’re too “linear” and that’s no good. This is at least part of what they claim caused Prior’s injuries (as opposed to the infamous “inverted W”. Yet another unsubstantiated claim, IMHO.

I believe good momentum certainly contributes to what you’re asking about. But there are other things that contribute as well, such as good posture and balance, good timing, good hip and shoulder separation, etc.

I don’t think you should focus on getting your head out over the front leg. Just like I don’t think you should focus on getting your foot out front to increqse your stride. Instead, you should focus on the things that let the head get out there as a result.

The question is why don’t you do it? Is there a problem preventing you from doing it or is it just natural?

Is that mechanically sound and the right thing to do?[/quote]

No only is it sound, it’s desirable. It’s the last little bit of body motion to put into delivery of the ball, it moves the release point closer to home plate, and it puts the release point in a strong position for putting spin on the ball for breaking pitches.

The Reason I ask this is because when extend knee to a good point you get out and over the leg better and a release point closer to home plate.

Now I know Nolan Ryan use to stiffen his leg when he landed and roger clemens does it to an extent. And lincecum does it too.

So could I extend it a little not lock but a nice firm extention to get over the leg and get a closer realease point. I think this movement of extending the leg a little for me could help because I tend to collasp the front leg because my good leg drive and not enough strength. So with doing a little extension it seams that I would help that out Am I right? Would I be ok to extend at landing a little like some MLB pitchers do?

ps I think the leg collasping started happening when I started to put alot of force into my stride. By going sooner and it put so much force on my leg that my leg braces and slightly collaspes. I have strong legs but the force is so much that it sometimes collaspes a little.

I don’t think focusing on straightening the leg is the right focus. Put all the earlier mechanics together with good momentum and timing and you’ll get out of the front leg.