Modern comparisons to Orel Hershiser's Mechanics

I’ve been a big fan of Orel Hershiser since I was little, and lately I’ve been trying to think of any recent pitchers whose mechanics remind me of Hershiser’s.

Tim Lincecum seems to be the go to comparison for some people, but I don’t personally see it with Lincecum’s Tiant like coil and overhand armslot. Felix is a little similar, but he usually dips his glove side shoulder down when he brings his knee back to second base and lets his body coil a little more than Orel does (but not as much as Lincecum). Hersh bends his knee and lets his foot lead the rest of his lower leg in the turn back to second, which is probably why he doesn’t really coil, though when he separates his hands, he does it over the hip of his planted leg, which turns his back to the batter.

I’m kind of stumped, though, so I’m very curious to read what you guys think. Are there any recent pitchers, say in the last ten years or so, that remind you of Bulldog?

Love watching this clip. Don’t think there is a modern day equivalent. Not the leg kick, at least. A lot of pitchers pre-2000 also finished much more “square” to the plate than most pitchers today. Hershiser finishes in perfect fielding position, and I just don’t see as much of that anymore with big league pitchers.

So true, Steve. Greinke is one of the few I can think of who consistently finishes in great fielding position. He’s just a really underrated athlete. Hisashi Iwakuma is pretty good at it as well.

So after doing some poking around, I think the closest I can find is actually a college kid, Walker Buehler from Vanderbilt:

His coach apparently compared his delivery to Hershiser’s, and I think I agree. There are definitely a few smaller differences, but nothing too huge or glaring that I can see.

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