Mo rivera showing how he throws a cutter

A cutter is an effective pitch. Someone mentioned the proper grip and also if you can put pressure on the index finger. It works very well for my 13 yr old and it moves. Good pitch to master here is Mo Rivera in a video clip showing how to throw it! Posada’s wife is hot by the way!

Click on Kids on Deck on the lower right. Should say Mariano Rivera throwing a cutter!


I’d recommend taking some video of your son throwing the cutter. Some of the clips of Rivera I’ve seen show him turning the wrist a bit like a slider and doing the same thing could be tough on an adolescent arm. It’s pretty easy to go from pressure on the finger to turning the wrist without realizing it. As long as he isn’t turning the wrist to get the motion it is a great pitch to have in the arsenal to jam lefties and get righties to try to pull grounders off outside pitches.

If CASon were healthy we’d probably have him trying the grip, but he’s on the shelf for at least two more weeks before beginning a very gradual rehab.


               When my son throws is its basically a two seamer with index finger pressure. He throws it like a fastball. What's funny is he threw it for about a year or so and when his velocity went up then came the movement. He gets alot of groundballs from it and infield pop ups. 

Hope your boy gets better real soon! Going to the AFLAC game here in San Diego this saturday as well.

Take care.

Thought about heading down to the game but a 4 or 5 hour drive one way is a bit too much.

The PT had my son do an ab exercise with a medicine ball that caused a twinge in his arm on Friday (after I had questioned doing that exercise) so I’m planning on keeping my son shut down until at least September 1st.