Mlb velocity

i was wondering, when you see a major leaguers velocity on the tv, are they measuring the speed out of the hand or as it crosses the plate beacuse a fastaball does lose 1mph every 7feet.

Generally, it’s the velocity out of the hand.

Like Chris said, it’s generally out of the hand. The reason? Pitch velocity is greatest when recorded out of hand (as opposed to crossing the plate, where velocity is lost over the 60.5-foot distance). Like anything else, bigger numbers make the game more entertaining. And from a TV producer’s standpoint: the higher the velocity the better.

ok thanks for the info

is that where the scouts measure from as well?

Depends. Organizations use different velocity guns, although many are favoring those which track out of the hand.

Hmm I didn’t know it. I thought it was the velocity that the ball crosses the plate. So a 95mph fastball will reach home plate with a 89-90mph?