MLB Trade Rumors

As an avid baseball fan and knowing a lot about the game and many organizations. I have become a baseball analyst in my local area. I have decided to post a thread where I can discuss teams future directions and possible trade items in the next couple days. I also hear from a couple people about trades that I know personally in organizations, players that I played with over the years.

The first team I will analyze is the team I know best, the Cubs. Steven might also know some about the Cubs as he played for them years ago, and he might also be able to have some insight.

First off, trade rumors. The Cubs have made it clear that they want to move Soriano and Zambrano this season and would eat a majority of their contracts.
Soriano: This player style doesn’t fit with many teams. He is one of the worst LF in the game and has no other positions. So take out NL teams and Soriano would be best suited with an AL team. Soriano isn’t fast on the bases and doesn’t hit for an average. He hasn’t drove in runs and has no plate discipline. The only team I can see taking a chance on him is the Red Sox if they don’t get a different outfielder to replace JD Drew by the trade deadline. Soriano would pass waivers after the July deadline and could be moved after the first deadline. However, I see the Cubs stuck with his 3 years and around 60 million dollar contract.
Zambrano: Big Z has struggled with consistency and has also had problems with his manager and teammates. He is a great presence on the mound however he is starting to slow down. Zambrano is a valuable piece, especially on a staff that has been near the worst in the league. The Cubs are most likely going to have Big Z until his contract runs out.
Ramirez: Ramirez is interesting. He has been very vague about what his plans are with the Cubs. He has stated he wants to stay in Chicago and not move his family in the middle of the season. Recently he said that he would possibly allow a trade if the Cubs don’t see him in their future plans. I could see ARam moving after the deadline when his family moves back to his home country, but he has some contract issues that would be a lot to take on for his likely suitor, the Angels.

The Cubs have some pieces they need to move to become a contender. They have many minor league prospects that are gaining interest by GM Hendry. Jackson, Flaherty, Vitters, McNutt, Dolis, Scurzur, are all good prospects, but they need more time. The most ready minor league player is Bryan LaHair, but it seems as if the Cubs are more set on younger talents than a upper 20 year old. LaHair wasn’t given his chance last year, instead they gave it to Nady, who was leaving anyways. The Cubs are a long ways away from being a contender, but a couple good moves could put them back in the mix. If their top prospects keep developing, look for them to be in the mix in 2012 and ready to start gaining experience.

The Cubs also don’t seem like they will target Fielder or Pujols this offseason. Instead, they seem content with Pena and have said they most likely won’t trade him this year and try to resign him this offseason. The front office seems as if they want to conserve their payroll maybe for years to come. Losing Soriano would be the first piece to the puzzle and would certainly free up a lot of space and spot in the OF. The Cubs need some luck, and some great ownership to turn this franchise around, before it’s too late.

Please reference any team you would like me to talk about, and I will, otherwise I will choose a team I find interesting, and do a report on them.

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that was very interesting and informative seeing as i am a blue jays fan and dont really get to see the cubs play. i would LOVE if you could go at it with the jays.

want do one of these on the mets possibly