MLB smack down

For the third time in as many years, MLB Advanced Media’s lawyers sent a cease and desist for all the non-YouTube MLB pitching clips we had on LTP.

This means, most of our expansive database of pitching clips had to be removed.

As many of you know, it for this same reason that had to change last year. I apologize, of course. Wish we all had better access to clips that would further our discussions of pitching mechanics. Thanks for understanding…

We understand. I do wonder, however, if MLB understands. In my humble opinion, they should promote this type of activity; not restrict it. There is a whole new generation of fans that participate actively in this forum. If anything, they should be sponsoring this website and providing video and still pictures. But, that’s just me.

Lawyers who didn’t make their Little League teams. :lol:

I’m a lawyer and I say it stinks…but, you’re probably right!!!

I tried!!! I called and emailed for a week straight two years ago, and then again last year. Never once got a call or reply. I was really disappointed, but “Who the heck is Steve Ellis?” lol. MLB is a $6 billion company. LTP is a $0 company. That’s prolly why…

Steve—while I was reading this particular exchange I found myself thinking of a quote from William Shakespeare: “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” well—maybe not all of them, but certainly the ones who are making it difficult for us pitchers. MLB is out of line in this matter, make no mistake. :shock: