MLB Season Has Started!

Lets go yankees and mets!! lol any favorite teams guys?

How can you like the Yankees AND the Mets? Thats like liking the Cubs and the White Sox. But anyways its the Cubs all the way this year.

the Cards aretaking it again this year

cubs all the way…if their whole team can stay healthy

NEW YORKER!! my favorite team is the yankees hands down but if they lose… i always have the mets

Twins win the AL, play the Mets and win in 6 games

Santana repeats Cy Young closely followed by Halladay

Morneau looses the mvp but wins the homerun title

Mauer hits 300+ and but does not contend for a batting title

Just heard on ESPN that Chris Carpenter will be missing his next turn in the Cards’ rotation due to elbow inflammation. Beyond that will depend on further evaluation.

Zito didnt look too good pitching for the giants yesterday… hope he steps it up for them with that big contract… even though i dont care :lol:

I feel like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day’…As a Cubs fan things are looking really bright and opptimistic, as a realist…They have a powerful line-up…pitching? Well lets just hope the “Holy Bull” Zambrano can eat a whole bunch of innings this year…Hill looked good last night, they’ve never had 2 lefties in the rotation so I’m eager to see how that plays out. Marquis is a Major league pitcher, I just don’t know if he has championship in the arm. MAN!!! I just wait for this and the NCAA…
How bout them GATORS ya’ll? Has anyone heard the new nickname for Ohio State? BEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYAAAAAAACCCCCCHHHHH! I hear they are moving to Europe so they won’t have to play Florida again :smiley:

carpenter is good to go and the rest of the rotation is looking good

My Blue Jays are bringing the World Series north this year :P. That is if:

  1. Halladay stays healthy
    2.BJ plays better then he has of late
    3.Thomas plays like hes capable of
    4.and, the defence plays good enough so Wells doesnt have to carry them

…on second thought give them a year or 2 :slight_smile: GO JAYS GO!

ESPN reported again, today, that Carpenter will miss his start tomorrow due to inflammation. They said he had an MRI but didn’t say whether the MRI revealed anything. :roll:

sorry to change it up a little here but who saw my jays in their home opener last night? pretty fun to watch :).

Latest report now says Carpenter will miss the rest of April with some type of arthritis in the shoulder and an impingement in the elbow.