MLB Scouting Bureau

I am very curious about this tryout camp. The schedule came out a few days ago and the closest one is about 8 hours, but I am very interested in participating in one of these. Does anybody have any details on this tryout camp? I don’t mean the FAQ page I’ve read that, like how old you have to be, what you need to bring, etc. but I’m talking more about how long does the camp last? What kind of drills do they do? etc. Any details would be much appriciated. Thanks.

Honestly they are a huge waste of time. I’ll lay out one for you because I have gone to two.

So about 200-300 people show up at a field (usually hs, sometimes minor league)

Pitchers throw about 7 pitches. If they are below 87ish then the guy behind you says thanks. Writes down on a card what you throw and then goes on to the next.

So they usually take 8-10 pitchers to throw live against 10 position players and 10 catchers.

Luckily one time I was picked to throw live. I threw about 15 pitches and then they send you on your way.

Nothing has ever come of it for me, and no ones ever contacted me from it so unless you’re throwing 90+ i wouldn’t even worry about it.

Totally agree with Undersized’s assessment. It’s one giant sausage fest. I’ve been to a lot of these and the exposure never amounted to much of anything. The best place to be seen is school ball and summer ball. If you’re dominating your league, word travels fast and the channels are much, much better, in my opinion.

(And I don’t want to hear the comments like: “Yeah, well I go to a small school in bum-f-ing-nowhere.” :slight_smile: My graduating class was 81 kids in Missouri. And school ball and legion ball in the summer were where I got seen and won that full college scholarship.)

Hah, I somehow got to a DI college in Maryland from MAINE lol.

Alright, thanks for the input guys. Undersized, was there a followup camp the next day for some players or was it just that tryout day and that was it?

Also, how about the Club tryout camps? There isn’t a schedule out yet, but are these camps better than the Scouting Bureau?

The Club tryouts tend to be the same kind of cattle call. Many times, though, there weren’t as many players in attendance, depending on location.

The thing to remember about all these tryout camps is that most scouts’ work for the year is done by the time the tryouts take place. The June draft is over. All the follow up and tracking of players on their respective school teams is done. They know who they like and who they’re going to continue to follow from the spring. It’s VERY rare, in my opinion, to do anything at a tryout that’s going to make a scout take a second look other than pure velocity and/or age. It you’re young (16 and throwing 85+) and/or throwing 90+ at any age, you’ll turn some heads. (The young guys can get on the scouts’ radar and can expect some follow ups the next school year.

Perhaps Undersized or others may have had different experiences.