Mlb pro tryouts florida

anyone going to barry university on the 27th? think i remember seeing that some of you were from florida in here.

Not familiar with Barry, where is it?

i think its in miami shores

I don’t travel to South New York…I mean S. Fla unless I have to. Bad place to get lost Jake. We have some tourneys down that way later in the summer…I hope we can run into you at one or 2.

eh i dont like it there either my friends goin so thats only real reason im goin otherwise ida just waited for a scout. what part of FL u in? im in West palm

Just outside and south of Jacksonville…down along the St Johns river…Real nice livin in a small cracker town like this, and yet close to everything. Traffic isn’t bad either. I’m like in the middle between Gainseville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Orlando is 2 hrs away.