MLB Pitching/Hitting Player Mechanics


I am trying to show my players how the big league hitters and mechanics look like to help them understand better to help them get better. Which MLB pitchers and hitters would you recommend videos or pictures of to show how things are done correctly?



I don’t know much about hitting but for pitchers…

Aroldis chapman (when he first came into the MLB)
Sonny gray
Tim lincecum (2009-2012)


Aroldis Chapman
Danny Duffy
Justin Verlander
Yordano Ventura (R.I.P)
David Price
Trevor Rosenthal

Josh Donaldson
Andrew Benintendi
David Ortiz
Kyle Shwarber
Derek Jeter


Chipper Jones

Greg Maddux

Very simple, repeatable mechanics. But honestly, each and every person is unique and their body moves in it’s own pattern. Don’t try to force kids to copy someone, but rather show them what makes a player great and let them figure out how to implement those mechanics within their own body.


About Chapman… if you watch videos when he 1st broke into the league he had major delivery issues. He has cleaned up his delivery tremendously.