MLB pitchers

Hey guys a little question I was wondering. Who are some MLB pitchers who throw very over the top with a lot of tilt on there ball. I throw pretty much directly over the top maybe just a tad to the side, but I was wondering if any MLB pitcher threw like this?

I have observed that many MLB pitchers throw over the top but not exclusively—they have a couple of different arm angles they can use. They’re probably better off doing this—it’s a lot easier on the arm, by the way. And when you throw a particular pitch from different angles it will confuse the hitter. So if you’re doing that, keep on doing it. 8)

there is no reason to have multiple arm angles, its hard enough to master one, do what feels natural. The guys I see who start messing with arm angles in pro ball are usually on their last leg and on their way out the door.

Clayton Kershaw.

Josh Collmenter of the D-backs throws very other the top. He just pitched today but maybe you can see him in the playoffs. I believe he is in the 4 spot in the D-backs’ 5-man rotation.