MLB pitcher your mechanics most resemble

Whose motion is similar to your own? Not whose do you emmulate, but whose just happens to be like your own natural motion?

For me, I’m kinda boring and deliberate… I’d say I have a lot of Derek Lowe and Kris Benson in me.

I’m sort of Gregg Maddux-ish

Roy Halliday

Barry Zito

Mark Prior

Curt Schilling- Arm motion over the top

roger clemens

AJ Burnett

free and easy.

Pedro Martinez

nolan ryan

K-Rod hahaha

most defienatly dontrelle willis ha

I knew someone was gonna say Dontrelle

I sorta pitch like the 55million dollar man AJ Burnett

Kida like Prior

Jeremy Bonderman
Angled on the mound, and never show emotion.

Pedro with my windup but once i get to the release point im sort of like a Glavine

Im guessing you like the Mets

hehe he might have Wagner’s velocity also :stuck_out_tongue:
J/K hehe

i do like the mets and im 13 yrs old from 60 ft and throw 50-55 on avf and if feeling good 58-60