MLB baseballs

Does anyone know if the MLB baseballs sold in local sporting goods stores (i bought mine at Dicks sporting goods) are the same balls used on the field in MLB games or are those just memorabilia balls that are made differently just for like autographs & stuff ,cuz i have a ball i cuaght at a game and it feels considerably ligther and softer leather ans has a liiiittle bit different seams than the one i bought in the store, does anyone know about this ?

[quote=“RHP…”]Well, not knowing the ball you bought, I would say they are different. MLB balls have next to no seams, first of all.

They weigh the same as any other ball though.[/quote]

I thought they did have some pretty nice size seams. The balls used in the Japaneses leagues have very small seams though.

The balls you buy in the stores are just for memorabilia. I’m sure you can use it just like any other baseball and might not notice a difference. The ones used in an actual game may have been manufactured differently since it’s going towards game use. The one you bought may have not been intended for game use.

Just a little history note, before the 2001 season, the AL and NL used to use different baseballs. The only difference was that American Leagues had “Official American League” and the AL President’s signature in blue ink, and National League baseballs had “Official National League” and the NL President’s signature in black ink.

MLB and MiLB balls have tiny seems next to your high school diamond or collegiate baseball.

The seams on my conferences balls are absolutely huge. The seams vary conference to conference in college though. They are all considerably higher than MLB or MILB balls.

if major league pitchers had seams as high as the ones we use, their breaking pitchs would be godly, absolutely godly…the way that you use the seams on the baseball as well as pressure points on your fingers affect how well the ball rotates and therefore breaks. We get raised seams because our breaking pitches aren’t as well developed and good as the pros

The seams on my high school balls were lower than the seams on my college balls

same here.

I have sitting right on my desk a game ball from a South Atlantic League game (MiLB) and a fresh Diamond Pro baseball.

The Minor league ball doesn’t even have seems compared to the Diamond ball. That being said I don’t think the Minor league seems are that terribly bad either, the Diamond seems are practically exaggerated, a fresh ball rubs my finger tips pretty raw after a lot of 4-seamers.

I have used generally all Macgregor balls growing up, those seams appear to be a medium between the two. I would swear my two seam has more run when I throw a Diamond than a Macgregor. My minor league ball is a game ball, so that’s not gonna see any time in the backyard.

i have heard from a few friends that play in the minors that the seams don’t really affect their breaking balls or movement once they get used to the feel of the smaller seams. its just a feel adjustment more than anything.
on another note, if josh beckett had to throw with a college/high school baseball with the huge seams, he would probably miss half the season because of blisters!

Hah, so true. Becketts problem is more common then people think though.

yes, the seams are very low.

keep in mind that they always “rub” each baseball for MLB games with this stuff:

Yeah, I’d say that the MLB balls have even less seams to work with than a minor league ball. MLB balls are often more slick too.

yes, they are the same ones. i caugght a foul ball and broutght home and compared it to the ball i boughty and they are the same

i actually throw better pitches with the lower seemed balls, like the MLB balls. I hated the high school balls, and am not too fond of the college balls, I miss a start every season because of those stupidly high seams


The Minor league ball doesn’t even have seems compared to the Diamond ball. [/quote]

I think different brands typically have different ideas on how high seams should be. Generally, Diamond baseballs have extremely high seams. MacGregors much lower (I don’t like MacGregor’s at all, they don’t feel right to me). And of course, different levels of play require different specs. MLB balls have very low seams.