Mizuno Pro X

I just found this glove and WOW I want one bad the colors are great looks like a deap pocket and great for pitching and outfield and infield if needed.

Now would they let me use this for high school baseball do you think?

Now I already have this glove and it’s white. Only had one umpire in 2 years tell me I couldn’t use it.


Do you think if they told me not to use the white and black one that they would let me use the mizuno if i had that one?

u cant use multi-color gloves when you pitch, or as in the case of the white one, something that’d distract the hitter. i dont think you’d be able to pitch with it.

Idk but i could try I never really get stopped at high school level. I want it for the OF but incase they will not let me use the gray and black one I would use the Of one and if they say no to that then I will use another players.

If you’re using the glove anywhere’s off of the mound it’s fine, but on the mound I highly doubt they’d let you use it.

You can now actually use two-toned gloves on the mound, they changed that rule this past season. But still no White gloves are allowed on the mound same with white sleeves.

well the OF glove is cream and brown so the cream will prob turn darker.

by all means get it for the OF if you like it but just b/c it isnt classified as white doesnt mean they’d let u pitch with it