Mixing in offseason workouts with adult league

I am in a bit of a unique situation. I am 24 and I currently play adult league our season just started with games once a week on sundays and I am our teams main pitcher 7-9 innings every sunday. I am also attempting to play at the local JC next year so I am also looking to improve over the summer and increase my velocity so I can be more competetive at the JC level. I am wondering how should I mix in my lifting with adult league. Right now I am doing something like this
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: chest back and lite shoulders
Wednesday: bullepn/ cardio
thursday: legs
friday: lite pen/lite arms and shoulders
saturday: cardio
sunday: game/cardio
anyone have any advice for how I should be breaking down my week I would like to maximize my possible gains during the week while also not being wiped out for adult league.

Just my layman opinions here but I think a lot would depend on your current level of fitness, strength levels, velocity, flexability ect.
How heavy are you lifting? What lifts?
What are your goals for lifting, velo and body weight?
In totally generic terms there needs to time for recovery for the total body and the arm.
Good nutrition, good sleep, proper hydration are important. Doing daily arm care is important as well.
Looking at movement and flexability is a good way to start as well. Check out the How to Become A Supple Leopard for great info on mobility and movement prep. The book is expensive. If you can’t afford that the author had a bunch of free stuff online.

Supple Leopard is the Crossfit Bible :slight_smile:

Trying to gain strength in-season while also trying to pitch effectively in games are sort of two competing goals. In-season workouts really are designed more for maintaining strength and flexibility while helping the body recover and prepare for the next outing.

What’s your velocity now and are you doing any additional throwing during the week?

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Starett (if I am remembering his name correctly) is a big Crossfit guy, you’re right.
There is some great info in there about mobility too. His work with mobility and movement stuff is good I think.
I was referencing that part of the book as opposed to crazy Crossfit workouts. I should have been more clear I suppose.

I am at about 77-80 from a low three quarter I am 6’2 and 190. Right now I normally do a pen on wednesday and a light one on fridays. I am dabbling a bit with the top velocity program and it seems promising so far. I have never tried crossfit the risk of injury scares me a bit but I am really up for anything to top out my velo. I have one year left in school then off to the real world so I am really trying to give it my best go this year.

To be clear I am not suggesting Crossfit.
I think there are much better programs for pitchers. I was mearly suggesting that author as it relates to mobility work.