Mixing around arm slots during a game?

I only relief pitched two times in my life and yesterday was one of the days I relief pitched. In the beginning I was throwing overhand, but the umpire wouldn’t bite at the high strikes so I decided to move to side arm. When I pitched side arm, I got more strikes and it sorta baffled the batters. I was wondering, is it alright if I do overhand and side arm in a inning of pitching? or should I stick to one arm slot.
Cheers! Glenn

If you are pitching that well from the side arm slot, I would stick with that. The side arm pitch is very deceptive and you will get force lots of ground ball outs if you can keep the ball low in the zone.

Pick one and stick too it, obviously side arm by the sounds of it.

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It can depend on how often you switch. I would switch for maybe 3-5 pitches per game. Especially that kid that keeps fouling off your other pitches. Nothing like a good old cross fire slider to bug out the eyeballs and sit 'em down on the bench.