Mitchell Report?!?!

Rumors are flying around everywhere about who could be on this list. I believe it’s going to be revealed on Thursday, so that would be tomorrow! Anybody have any early guesses? I heard one that would put a tremor in baseball history… gulp… Cal Ripken Jr.??? Just a rumor though… What about the Rocket?

Man some people are going to get burned bigtime by this investigation…

Don’t overhype it. I bet it’s a bunch of no-names and coulda beens.

sorry bro, but I don’t think you can be a no namer and a coulda been having to have played in the big leagues. I would bet money that there are big namers on that list.

Well I mean big time vs small time. Who is more recognizable? A pirates player or bosox player?

hope a-rod is on there
and ortiz

And Clemens is on the list. (snow day today, and I don’t see any snow…?) It’s being released today (Thursday) at 2PM. (Eastern Time)

I’ve heard that there are going to be players on there from everyteam. Regardless, my guess is that there are going to be some big boys named.

Ex-Yankee trainer says Clemens will be on the list. Wowie.

Gee, wasn’t I the one who said Clemens had been on the juice, and then I got bombarded by every Clemens lover on this forum?! What are ya’ll gonna say when he shows up on this list? Better start preparing for heartbreak. If he is on that list he better face the same scrutiny as bonds and all the other. Could it be no HOF for the Rocket? Oh boy!

4:30 Bud has a news conference on this, and then at 6 the MLB Union talks about this. Just another update, can’t wait for the list.

Heard the list comes out at 2 pm. I can’t wait until the golden boy Clemens gets absolutely nailed. Several prominant Yankees on that list??? Arod?? Pettite??

Clemens, Pettite, Pudge, Sheffield, Nomar, Damon, Pujols, and Glaus all rumored to be on the list. Some huge names there.

Is anybody really surprised that these names are on the list? Or atleast rumored? I certainly am not.

of course clemens is on the list

wow this list is going to be a monster! finally people are exposed.

My list was somewhat innacurate, therefore I elected to remove it. Spencer has the real list up!

it isn’t 2pm est yet???

Nope just using some of my sources… Pretty sure those guys will be on the list.

And what does this say about the sport if a lot of big names are on the list? It will be hard to remember the ones that didn’t use and kids will think the only way to play is to use.

Yep, this is an absolute disaster for baseball.

But atleast we’re going to finally get some answers.

It’s kind of obvious who is on it. I mean if pujols really is? People don’t get that big normally…

What’s your sources?

Yeah I’m really not surprised about anybody on the list.

Although I’m hoping Arod isn’t on the list. He is the one guy that can be the leader and pull baseball out of this mess and hopefully break Barry’s HR record.

I called Peter Gammons… haha, jk… Sources will remain covered until I see if I’m right :wink: