Missing high with changeup

I consistantly miss high with my changeup and don’t know why. It’s not a bad pitch, but a changeup left high at the highschool level will always get hit hard. When I keep it down it’s rarely hit. Are there any drills I can do to keep my changeup down or is it something mechanical?

Since there are a number of different grips for this pitch, exactly what kind of change-up do you throw, how you grip it (where specifically do you place each of your fingers and thumb) and please describe how you throw it.

Since im kind of short, 5’7’’, it’s real hard to throw a circle change. For that reason I use a throw a 3 finger change. I throw it like a 4 seam fastball, just adding the ring finger alongside the middle finger.

As I said, there are several different types of change-up grips. The one you’re presently throwing sounds a little similar to one I offer to our kids except that it’s gripped like a two seam fastball instead of a four seam.

Have you ever tried throwing a “pitchfork” change-up? (It comes from information I’ve drawn from a pitching coach whose knowledge and ability I very much respect, Joe McFarland.)

Important reasons I offer it to my pitchers (in addition to the circle change-up and palm change-up) is that it’s got a simple grip, you can learn to throw it in a short amount of time, and, thrown properly, it should do all the things a change-up is supposed to.

Holding the ball like a two seam fastball (“closed” end of the horseshoe pointing downward) place your middle finger on top of the ball (between the narrowest point of the two seams) and your thumb directly underneath opposite your middle finger. Put your index finger on one side of the ball and the ring finger directly opposite on the other side ( forming the “appearance” of a pitchfork). Keep your little finger completely off the ball.

As long as you keep your fingers opposite each other (middle finger/thumb - index finger/ring finger) exactly where you want to place them referent to the seams and the pressure you want to put on the ball is up to you.

Throw the pitch with the ball more out on the fingertips then make specific adjustments remembering the things needed for an effective change-up - same arm slot, same arm speed, low in the strike zone, and about 10 mph slower than your fastball.

When thrown like a fastball it should sink a little, but won’t have sidespin until you make adjustments in the grip and release. To get more of a tumbling effect, lift the middle finger-tip off the ball and put pressure on the inside of the first and third fingers. This should cause the ball to drop considerably.

Remember, as with any new pitch added to your array, it will take some time to “master”. However, since this one is fairly simple, it shouldn’t take you that long.

If it proves to do what you want, you can replace the “old” change-up with this one. It certainly won’t hurt you to try it.

Good luck.

Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it. I’ll be sure to test this new grip in a couple days. I threw yesterday so my arms still a little soar.