Missing high in the zone


Hey guys,
I’m having a hard time getting the ball down in the zone. I can locate the pitch, inside, outside or middle but 95% of them are high in the zone. At first I thought it was because i was trowing hard but guess what? Even when trowing at 60% effort the ball miss high in the zone by one foot. Only happens with fastballs or changeups, any breaking pitch goes well.
I’ve overcome a shoulder injury last year and started trowing over the top. Great I’ve gained lot of velocity, no more pain when trowing and all that effortlessly (well I’m also using my body a bit more efficient) but since then I miss high in the zone. The only way to locate the ball down is by trowing really slow. Even when trowing at 60% the ball is always up in the zone (about one foot) but I don’t want that, I want to trow hard down in the zone. :
I don’t have any video of myself (I’ll see if I can rec one soon). My style is pretty much rotational (not linear), I would say short stride, good front leg stabilization, powerful hip-trunk rotation and short arm path. I barely use my arm now and I love it but walking too many people is killing me. :frowning:
I also feel that the ball is jumping out of my hand sooner and I don’t know why or how.
Any tips or trick to help with that?
PS: Any big league pitcher that is very rotational instead of linear?


May sound to simple to be true but I’m serious. If your missing high adjust! Don’t aim lower just set your eyes on a little lower on a target and let it rip. Your body will adjust.


I’ll try that next time.
Thanks for the suggestion.


Have you tried a different grip?

I have taught my son to change his grips and applying slight pressure to the releasing fingers. Thus, his FB pitches became “heavy” and will go to the bottom of the zone.

Baseball is suppose to be fun. I believe it’s totally cool to try something new constantly. That is how new “pitches” were invented. :slight_smile:




Hi aliu,
I don’t like to put too much pressure on the ball cause it makes my arm less fluid and the pitch isn’t fast enough. But something is telling me that I’m doing something wrong with my fingers, can’t figure out yet.
I usually grab fastballs with the tip of my fingers.
Thanks for your suggestion.


chances are your grip as nothing to do with it. Most people missing high have a tendency of staying tall after release instead of following through with the pitch. Check out Josh Johnson after releasing the ball. That’s some pretty good stuff to copy right there. [URL=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=652834IMG0466.png][/URL]


Hi tatoforver, as you said it yourself, whatever you are doing is not working as expected. You don’t know what is wrong. Therefore, it makes sense to “experiment” a little. I am not suggesting you change your mechanics completely. Little variance of the ball grip may produce different results. For example, I like split finger FB, which require me to put my fingers on the seams of the horseshoe. Upon my release, I do apply slight pressure and it made the ball “heavy” to move downward to the bottom of the zone. It’s not as heavy as the cutter, but it works for me and my son. Again, having fun is part of baseball, live a little and try to grip just little “off” and see what result it will bring you.

In addition, your arm is like a catapult, and you can try to control the angle of your releases “slightly” to the bottom of the zone. You might have seen on TV or the pitching net that was divided into 9 smaller zones (1-9). How else can one pitch to the lower corners? By controlling their fingers and the release angles of the arm.

Good luck.



I didn’t see 4pie’s post before I responded. The photo he shared showed the pitcher finished with his “chest” down, which helped push the ball down. I am not sure if you (tatoforver) are doing so already, but it’s possible that you are not. It kind of echos what I said about the angle of the arm release, yet it’s slightly different.

I learned to keep my mechanics consistent (or the same). I control my release slightly in order hit the corners (1, 3, 7, and 9). I am not saying it works for everyone, but when I practiced alone with the net, that’s what I did.

One of my son’s pitching coach just wrote a nice blog, http://www.lockedinbaseball.com/blog-1/
This is what he wrote:

That’s why I have my pitchers throw 4 different throws:
Crow hop
No stride
Slide step
Normal pitch from the stretch

Just something to play with.

Good luck.



I think you guys are right, when I release the ball my trunk is only a tiny bit forward (not vertical thought). Which leads me to think I’m maybe releasing the ball earlier. The thing is that as soon as I finish rotating my shoulders, my forearm catapult forwards and the ball jumps out of my hand before my trunk is fully tilted forward. :\


You will release the ball pretty straight, as a matter of fact, josh Johnson releases it right here [URL=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=267613IMG0458.png][/URL] but his idea is to release it as far as possible while hitting his spot which results in him finishing very low and forward like that.


I’ve pitched 3 innings today and it worked really great. I missed couple of pitchs high but i wasn’t that bad. Still I need to work out a bit more and will do.
Thanks for your suggestion,


Wonderful to hear. But what exactly did you “fix”? The “chest down” or the grip? Since you mentioned there is still more work, what would that be exactly?

Good luck.



It is probably due to a timing issue with your hips and arm. I’ve had trouble with this before and at foot plant your arm is slightly behind. This causes your release point to be a little more elevated. So what I find that works for me is getting the ball out of my glove sooner. This does not mean starting your initial arm motion sooner, just getting the ball out of the glove sooner. A pitcher that does this is Noah Syndergaard. Watch how he just gets the ball out of his glove which helps him narrow the distance his arm has to travel, compensating for his hips being faster than his arm/upper body. Watch a video of him and then try it yourself. You will have to tinker with when you take the ball out as well as when you start your motion.

Good luck and fan that flame :fire::baseball:


It wasn’t the grib neither the chest down, maybe it’s what CountryPitcher21 said, a timing issue, I’m not sure yet. But what I did that worked last game is to internally rotate my arm a bit earlier. Like soon after starting shoulder rotation my arm will layback a bit then try to catapult it forward fast.
Think of it as not over rotating too much with my shoulders. Hard to explain.
I’m still trying to figure out optimal ways to pitch with the whole body, so you will probably see me hanging around in the forums for a long time. ^^


Timing is important, however, it’s the back half of your mechanics. If your mechanics is not fixed, it will be harder to correct later. Pitching mechanics can also be broken down top and bottom halves. Even you stated that you would like to learn to pitch with the whole body, so it makes sense to record yourself and watch it in slow motion. Then identify where needs to be addressed or worked on as a whole.

Good luck.



I’ll try to get one of my teammates record me next time I pitch.
Thanks again for your feedback,


I had this same problem earlier this season after I started learning to use my legs more. After doing this my bottom and upper half were not timed together and out of sync. So what I do is as soon as I reach the top of my leg lift I take to ball out of the glove maybe 6 inches or so. Then after I get good hip lead and start to push, I start my arm action. You just have to really pay attention to your mechanics and have body awerness in order to know exactly when and where you should take out the ball and start your arm action. This did take me a little while to catch on too so practice practice practice. Let me know how things go.


Same for me, I’m in the process of adjusting my throwing mechanics. I started using my body a lot more and suddenly saw a big difference is ball speed except for the missing high issue that I’m fixing right now. I will try to do same thing I did last game (pronating the arm a bit earlier) and see how it goes.


release point


If you are getting the ball over the plate but missing high, it could be as simple as taking a little longer stride. Do everything exactly the same as you are doing. When your step is a little further you are actually ending up a little bit lower when releasing the ball. Do just the opposite if you are consistently throwing low also. Shortening your stride will bring the ball up in the zone. Sounds simple but give it a shot.