Hi Coach Steven, I saw an article by Dick Mills that stated static stretching before pitching is not advisable, and if anything decreases velocity. He also mentioned icing after pitching does nothing for the athlete and actually, some MLB pitching coaches are trying to stop the practice. Is any of this true. It really gets frustrating when there is so much contradicting information being passed around. My 13 year old son pitches and I’d like to think the information given to him by coaches is accurate. Your thoughts?

“Frustrated Dad”

ok, obviously i am not coach steven, but i can still try to help you sort out these two issue. first icing after pitching is good because the ice stops the microtears in your muscles from bleeding, so the next day your arm will be less sore. static stretching before pitching should not be recommended because the static stretching “shuts down” and relaxes the muscle. your muscle should be turned on by a light jog, some exercises with very light weights, and throwing a baseball starting short and gradually increasing in distance


Tom House teaches a dynamic warm-up (google that) before a performance and static stretching afterwards while the muscles are still warm. He also teaches that light cardio after a performance in mandatory while icing is optional.

:slight_smile: Thanks Guys, sounds like good information. Is static stretching good to do in the off-season before and after light weight workout? Also, we did a pitching seminar with Tom House… very interesting.

static stretching should be done after every workout. but never before any workout

You need to be careful anytime that you stretch a warm muscle.
Be sure to incorporate stretching for both extension and flexion, abduction and adduction, pronation and supination.

Don’t you mean “a cold muscle”?

In my opinion, you should never stretch a cold muscle. An athlete should always warm-up for a few minutes first.

What I should have written is “Be careful not to overstretch a warm muscle.” When you overstretch a warm muscle, it causes a reflexive action that makes the muscle tighten up.

Then there are those people who stretch a contracting muscle. For example- if you apply resistance while stretching, then you are actually causing a muscle to contract. In this case, you are actually stretching the ligaments and tendons. Thus leading to multiple problems, especially for a pitcher.