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I am currently in AAA with the Washington Nationals and although I am older (26) I am still chasing my dream down everyday. I started a blog about 6 months ago to try and give people a first hand experience of not only my journey of making it but what its really like behind the scenes, what we as the players feel emotionally, what we go through physically and how we cope with things on a day to day basis. I have had a lot of ups and down in my career, and it has winded a lot but I am still focused on that ultimate goal.

I would love it if you would give it a read, and if you like possibly suggest some topics you would like to hear about.

Thanks so much

Ryan Tatusko

The blog address is:

I updated my blog about what happened to me in 2011 and my expectations for 2012. I hope you like it

I’ve subscribed to your email updates and RSS feed. Loving it, bro. Keep it up!

Thanks man, I am currently in Venezuela right now playing winter ball but I want to expand the blog as much as possible and hopefully make it into so much more.

I know there is the bullpen diaries and other minor league books but as you know everyone’s experiences are different and I just want to share mine and hopefully educate people that might not have known before.

Not sure why it took me this long to find it, but cool!

I got my first blog post up about being down here in Venezuela playing baseball entitles “Its more than a game.” I’d love it if you would check it out and spread the word! Thanks

I love the comment about “Bro me a ball man!!!”. That is reall classic, I was having a really crappy day and that one lifted me up. Thanks!

I was privileged to be featured on my first baseball card in the “2011 Bowman Chrome” series and I recently updated my blog about what that experience was like. I would love it if you could give it a look and a comment about what you would be interested in hearing about.

Thanks so much

I am currently playing baseball in Venezuela, I have updated my blog about how baseball is down here and the differences/similarities with baseball in the states. I have also included some amateur video’s I shot

I hope you would give it a look.


Very good read! I subscribe to your emails and RSS feed and really enjoy it - makes me miss the game A LOT! Keep up the good work, buddy! AWESOME to see a fellow LTP’er living the dream.

Your doing pretty well with everything, thank you for reading the articles! I try to give a little glimpse into what life is like.

Posted a few new blog topics about the safety and security in Venezuela playing down here and some of the barriers that we face being down here with food, language, and how you get thru them!

Thanks for reading guys!

So I’m browsing some youtube videos and I click on a pitchers power drive video and who’s in it? RYAN TATUSKO! Thought that was pretty neat. How well do you think the product works?

I was a total zoo with my lower half, no matter what drills or things I did I couldn’t prevent myself from rushing. When this product came along, it just “clicked” with me (no pun intended) and It made me feel my lower half and truly helped me, plus my velocity went up a lot from being able to use my lower half.

I have updated my blog with some new content about my time in Venezuela winter ball and some other topics. Please give it a look! I’d appreciate it!

I really like your “First 30 days” article, it makes me think back to playing football and us not runnning our normal aggressive defense because we thought that they were onto us, well after getting hammered for a whole half, we swithched back to our normal, gangbuster, ultra-aggressive, blitzing
defense and they didn’t score again. we change things because we thing we know better. We should do what we do best, if it’s fastballs then throw fastballs, if its the change then throw that but don’t let the opposition dictate what you do, if you do then you have already lost!

Thats exactly what I thought and my 2011 suffered from it, I definitely learned my lesson.


I enjoyed reading your entries. I must say, as entertaining as it was, the real treat was how well you write. You’re a great role model for all the kids on this website (and a few of us old timers). No matter what happens with your career, you will always have the college degree. That can’t be taken away and will carry you the rest of your life. Nice work.

  1. School first
  2. Baseball second

I try to post as much as I can on here, but I always read and lurk! I promised my mother I would get my college education and I still had a year left when I left school and although I’m not going to lie, it was difficult I am not incredibly glad I did because that piece of paper is something no-one can take away from me no matter what happens with baseball.