Minor league baseball pay

about how much does a player in the MiLB make a year?

I wanna say the figure is $1200 monthly, paid only during the season, you do spring training for free.

Although you have to factor in signing bonuses and such.

RTusk is in the Rangers minor league system, I expect he can probably give you a superior reply.

That’s about right CF, it can start as low as $1100 a month then goes up as you move up the ladder.

After 6 year minor league free agency, players can negotiate deals and sometimes make $8000 or $10000 per month.

99% of the money is minor league baseball is through signing bonuses.

Back in the day it was pretty much a coke and a moonpie per day. All you can eat breakfast bars were very popular…

A teammate of mine was drafted in the 50th round last year. (The last round) and he was damn near the last pick, and his signing bonus was a plane ticket to his new team and a nice 850 dollar a month paycheck

Nice bonus… haha

It’s $850/mo for the first year for everyone, regardless of the size of your signing bonus. Goes up about $100/month every year after. Multiply that by the 7 month season, and you’re talking an annual salary less than $8000/yr. Totally blows. But if you make it, major league min is up around $400,000 these days.

I would play for league minimum for the chance to keep my career going.

I guess you could say thats “signability” :wink: if any of you scouts are out there.

Yeah, league minimum is a pretty nice chunk of change.

I don’t think any teams pay as little as $850/month any more. It went up a few years ago.

Yeah it went up 3 years ago palo. I believe the minimum right now for everyone is 1050. As Mr. Ellis pointed out your salary will go up about a hundred bucks a year. The key is to get to free agency and make your own deals. I’ve seen guys get paid around 10 grand a month. Not a bad gig there. Ofcourse, making it to the big leagues would be the ultimate. You do get a per diem for spring training. Something right around 220 a week I believe.

Spring training is more like $20/day or $140/week. It all depends on the team really.

Minor league money is pretty poor considering all of the time that is put in both at the ballpark and travelling.

wow, I feel bad for whatever players are only getting 20 bucks a day in camp. Ouch.

Well these guys don’t pay for housing, or food. All the teammates of mine that are in minor league ball right now either live in a team owned apartment or with a host family. They get fed before and after practice. They get driven everywhere they need to be. I suppose at the end of the week you have a surplus still if you make it work.

There’s no question, you can make it work. MiLB life is really just an extension of college life. Adequate housing with lots of teammates. At the lowest levels, you get host fams. At high-A and double-AA, you get roommates. At triple-AAA, a lot of guys start to bounce between the majors and minors, so their salaries start to jump pretty significantly into the mid to upper 5 figures.

aka living the dream