Minor league ball: the role of the rover

What do rovers do in minor league ball? How much say do they have in moving a guy up through the organization?

I’m going to give my experiences, talking to and being with certain coaches at conventions and other places - formal and informal.

At the Rookie Short Season level, this man can be a welcome addition of help. The player population and the compressed timeframe to get things done and to put things on paper, sort of speak, does leave much room to get a potential a fare shake for the franchise. So, these men are either a great asset to have around - or - one big pain in @#!. If there’s a decent amount of business sense shared by all, this rover, like a pitching coach rover, can really help out big time. He usually eases the work load, makes the entire experience lighter for everyone, and can add a lot of creditability to the conversation and even “clubhouse banter”. These men are usually not strangers to the coaching staff, either once being a teammate, friends, or even came up through the Minors together. I personally like the idea, a lot. A great use of knowledge and an asset to everyone.

On the other hand, some view a rover as nothing more than a guy from the boys upstairs to poke around and talk about stuff.

Again, let me qualify myself - I’ve never been there actually. I’ve heard conversations from those in similar coaching positions, and at a similar level.