Minor League ball: the 4 main rookie leagues


How would you compare and contract the lifestyle for minor leaguers drafted and assigned to rookie ball leagues?

How would you compare/contrast the lifestyle of playing in the appalachian, gulf coast, pioneer, and arizona summer league? Is there one league that stands out as the most brutal? One league that might not be as tough?


Aside from maybe a few that have even heard of the “bottom runner” of beginning a life in professional baseball, I don’t think you’re going to get much of a response on this topic.

Rookie ball is a lackluster attempt by so many youngsters to try and make it in this business. They’re usually very young and with the lack of promotion at this level it can be a very hard sell to attract attention. Not that the stadiums and locals don’t try. After all, it’s a business.

Unless there are those that have been-there-done-that visit this web site and engage in conversation, again, I doubt if you’re going to get any hits here.

I can tell you this - this experience at the rookie level is a rude awaking for all that go that route. It’s invariably a youngster’s first time away from home, mixed in with all kinds, a real “me-myself-and I” environment, and everyone’s out for number one. There is absolutely never a “go for the team mentality,” and for the smart ones that have the inner strength to realize they’re now a professional independent contractor, the chance of making this life work - is better than not. But, the numbers are not in anyone’s favor.

To address your question(s) more directly, here’s how I sum up an answer:
-It’s all about the individual toughness of the man, not the environment or location.


Because of:
-A man is only told once and once only to correct certain things.
-The coaching staff at this level really doesn’t make that much,
money wise, adding to that, long days and nights, tons of stats
to wire back to the people upstairs, so-so food, and endless
stream of politics that would dwarf the mental midgets in

On the other hand - some do make it, regardless.