Minor elbow pain during long toss

Hi guys, I started throwing again this week for the first time since October because I hurt my UCL throwing a slider (made a mental mistake) back in July. I rested for awhile and starting throwing again in October but my arm felt like it was 95% or so and I could tell my velocity shot down so I wanted my arm heal to the point where I would not feel the pain that reminded me of my injury anymore.

So, last friday I did one of my routines at home before throwing before my injury such as stretching, some karaoke’s, ran for a few minutes then I started throwing. I think I threw a little more than I should have (I was excited to throw again). I was throwing with no effort then I felt that I would try out the pull down throwing for a little while after almost or around 40 throws. My arm felt great so I thought I’d give it a shot. I didn’t hurt anything, I just decided that I did enough throwing so I stopped.

The next day, my arm was pretty sore, same with my shoulder. The shoulder pain went away under two days, my arm soreness took until Monday so I thought I’d throw today. Threw with no effort but after about 15 or so throws, I started feeling some elbow pain. I felt it after I released the ball and whenever I straightened my arm. The pain was like the after effect of doing a lot of push ups.

Anyone know what this could be? Is it just my arm not used to throwing yet? I didn’t have this problem before but I didn’t do long toss when I started throwing again in the past except last year, I didn’t do the pull down phase at all. Please don’t say for me to check with a doctor as I don’t believe this is serious at all. I’m sure more rest is all I need to clear this.

Looks to me as you answered your own question… sadly though there is always the possibility that it could be something more serious, but since you don’t want to go to a Doc, I guess you’ll never know.

Only way to make sure if it’s not more serious is a Dr. you could have really hurt something back then and you didn’t know it. Or the other side of the coin is you did too much and it will bounce back after you strengthen the arm. If it’s a UCL issue and not serious just a strain then look on youtube for stretches for the UCL my son had an issue 2 summers ago now and there are specific stretches that get it loosened up and ready to go.

If you are having elbow problems, do not think you can just brush it off if it is nagging you and won’t go away. I just got Tommy John surgery two weeks ago, and there are certain stretches you can do that will tell you if your UCL is torn. Go see a doctor, don’t be stupid.

Upper elbow pain, from overuse. Like I said, I threw a lot because I was excited to throw. It was tendonitis, it wasn’t my ucl because I hurt that last year, the pain wasn’t in the same spot.

How do you know forsure it was tendonitis?

I’m just saying…

Last thing you want is to hear and feel a POP in your elbow and next thing you know you’re a member of the zipper club…