Minor change


Would being more free with my leg kick as opposed to being tighter with my lift leg help me stay closed longer.

^similar to my leg kick now

^similar look to possible leg kick change


There’s generally 3 types of leg kicks in the major leagues:

A leg sweep: which is a bigger more sweeping one like David Price’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ9h-9O91E8

A more internally rotated sweep: Doesn’t extend out as far and the foot is ahead of the leg like Jake Arrieta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqNxpOppOWs

Hybrid Leg sweep: Mixture of the first two, you see this with guys like Aroldis Chapman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnAljjHr-ZA

Key is not to get linear, almost every major league pitcher is rotational in their stride. The whole up down out thing doesn’t work well. So the short answer is, if your stride is rotational and you feel comfortable and consistent doing it, don’t change a thing.


Im not talking about my stride moving down the mound, im talking about my leg lift after your “rocker step”


Ahh I misread what you were looking for. It more than likely doesn’t matter unless you do something really strange with the lift. What does matter is counter rotation and stride direction. Now if your leg lift throws off stride direction then yes, you may need to adjust it.


what do you mean by counter rotation?


Counter rotation of the torso. So for a right handed pitcher you’d be closed off towards third base, vice versa for a lefty.

Staying stacked, head over back hip, will also help.


ok, I understand now


Send me some video I’d be happy to take a look and give you some more advice. Side views, slow motion if you can, and back or front would be good.


I’ll try


It doesn’t matter that much as long as you aren’t going to fall over, do what’s natural.
For me i usually don’t have much of a leg kick, but sometimes if my upper body goes farther down i have a giant one.

It honestly doesn’t matter that much as long as you are able to get into a position where you can quickly field a ground ball.