I’ve increased my leg kick height, and I’m fairly certain those were fastballs. (I threw 100 pitches that day)

How old are you? And what is your current height and weight?

Just turned 15 years old.
6’0, 200

Ok so you have the size. Well just focus on not falling off the mound r=try to bend the leg when you plant and don’t stiffen it.

Ive been doing that not coming off the side lately. But Ive lost my hard slider, which has turned into more of a 12-6 looper. I’ve also lost some velocity from not falling off. I got radar gunned at 83, but when I fall off everyone knows I throw harder. Its just when I fall off its cause Im right over the top with my torso tilted. Right now I throw more like clemens, with the shoulders flat and stuff. I’m gonna try going back to the way I was in the video tommorow when I pitch.

so when you fall off to the side you have more MPH?

Yeah I probably hit 85 when I do.

More torso rotation possibly equals higher velocity, idk.

yea, i get more mph when i fall off too… when i try to land in a good feilding poition i just dont get the hip/shoulder seperation that i do when i fall off

hell no ur not throwing in the 80’s if thats on the vid.
Post a vid where u are throwing 100% game speed. cuz mechanics tend to change a bit then. also it seems ur stride is short or ur not moving your hips fast enough towards home?

Ur throwing all arm as far as i see

edit: Ur pitches end up high? or low in the zone

That was from August when I just started throwing that way. Plus that was my 85th pitch, with all of those being one right after the other no breaks.

who the hell is gona throw an 85pitch bullpen session… AT 15? … your nuts… and it didnt look like 85 to me either.

Yeah I dont think I had touched 80 by then. Now Im hitting 82-85. But it wasnt just like a bullpen, our travel ball game got cancelled that weekend so I threw a simulated game with my dad, which we video taped.
I’d been pitching since March of that year, so my arm was strong that I was dripping sweat, but didnt feel any discomfort over even tenderness throwing that much.