Milk helps!

When I visited Florida I say on the news that drinking milk during a work out increases muscle strength by 36% and decreases body fat by 17%.All of a sudden i love milk.

I would say those figures that you saw were COMPARED to people who didn’t drink milk during there workout.
Meaning they gained 36% more strength over probably a 12 week program.

Those figures sound inflated to me. However milk is a great thing to drink, provided you can handle the sugars fine.

I would say it would help gains though, but if your not drinking milk you probably aren’t following quality nutrition anyways (unless of course your lactose intolerant and don’t want to take lactase enzymes or possible other aids)

centerfield or kc.

what would be best to drink before a workout?
during a workout?
after a workout?

milk, water, sports drink, or a sports drink?

i no most people say water, but im just curouis cause milk has protein and a sports drink have some good stuff too.

The optimal thing I keep hearing from nutritionists is that something with BCAA’s, carbs, and protein. Something like Biotest’s Surge is what gets mentioned most frequently. The main thing is that you want to get the body switched from catabolism (breaking down muscle) to anabolism (building back up) quickly after the workout.

I agree with kc86. BUT, a glass of milk with two spoonfuls of sugar is a SUPER post-workout “shake” if you don’t have the coin or access to more expensive MRPs. I did that early on in my high school days, actually getting the tip from a marathon runner on my street. That’s what he drank after his 20-plus mile runs.

steve, could you explain to me how milk with sugar is a good post workout drink? does it have to do with the glycose?

whats the difference between drinking it during your workout and after. will this change your results and would some milk be better than a protien shake. how about protien power mixed with milk