Mike, Noexcusesbaseball.com cancelled?

Hey, what’s up mike? I was just wondering what is going on with your website? I went on there to check the message boards out, but it says the site has been cancelled. Anyways, I would also like to know how much were you’re programs again? I’ll be starting my offseason program next sunday, but I’m seriously considering ordering a program from you.

I would like to try it out for the Anchorage Glacior Pilots next year, and seeing how you’ve worked with quite a few ball players, and it being my senior year, I’d like to step up my training to the next level. And since I’m a regular on the boards here, I figured it be easy for you to follow my training since I’ll be updating on here.

Sorry about the website. I moved so my new billing address my bank had was different than the one the website people had. It should be cleared up now but I’ll check it to make sure its working.

I thought I had it fixed but I just went there today and saw the same thing. I’ll check into it immediately. If you have any questions, my email should still work. mike@noexcusesbaseball.com

Hey, glad to see the site is working again. I may be ordering a program from you in the next couple of days. I’ll just post on here if I do.

Alright, well, june 11th, I’m placing the order! :smiley:

Quick things about me that may pertain to how you set up my program.

I’ve done weighted dips before, and have experienced no shoulder pain. Dips are quite easy for me, hence why I prefer weighted dips. But I’ll do whatever is assigned.

Pull ups aggrevate my left shoulder: I do hammer chins instead since it places less stress on the shoulders, and I feel more confortable doing them.

Romanian Deadlifts: I pull more weight using Sumo Deads, and I feel more confortable performing the exercise. My form is better.

Well, that’s about it… I’ll be working out at worlds gym here in town, so I’ll have access to a wide variety of equipment.

I’m also available to lift any day of the week.

It’s my senior year, and I would like to go all out with my training! My main focus is gaining weight! I will not start throwing till february.

I’ll be purchasing the month to month program.

Mike, I placed my first order for month-month.