Mike Marshall talks theories on pitching, arm injuries


I wrote a blog for my newspaper that attempts to give Dr. Mike Marshall a clear field to explain his pitching program and how it addresses avoiding elbow and shoulder problems.

He talks about his view on pitch counts and what causes the outbreak of Tommy John surgery-type injuries.

Ted Sillanpaa

Anybody notice that Fritz Outmans kid is kicking butt!!

Ted, Dr. Marshall has retired, his body of work is available out there, Dirtberry, one of our posters, is a trained Marshall instructor, he provides perspective from his angle whenever he has time…he’s had some success with a couple of his students…the reason I mentioned Fritz…well in the art…to get where you make the pinnacle…it’s on you as the player…Dr. Marshall believes he can stop arm injury…but guys have to conform to his standard to achieve it…to date the results are slim…hybrid coaches having better prospect placing success than the sensay…my contention is that as was the case with Billy Wagner…desire is the “thing”…if you are driven like no other, sacrifice and work with all your might…have “some” luck…a bit of ability you or your prospect may reach his “pinnacle”…in doing so his ability may surpass his bodies ability to produce the necessary results…which will be injurious…Dr. Marshall sees a needless victim there…he’s yet to produce major league acceptable quality talent which replicates his tenants in toto.
I think personally that the injury “fallacy”…or injury free paradigm is not in concert with the results demanded at the mlb level…as long as they pay bazzillians people will do what is necessary even if they get injured.

I want nothing more than to see Josh throw like he used to. But he talked with Trevor during camp and said that ship has sailed; he does not have the ability to throw that way anymore and he would rather deal with the injuries he has now rather than deal with it.

Josh is sure he could throw harder than he does now (92-94) with the Outman Methodology in pro ball, considering he was throwing mid-90’s with it in winter ball when no one cared.

His velo is way down this year but the temperatures in the Midwest have been really cold, which don’t help things. Oh well. I would have loved to seen it in a game, but that dream is dead.