Mike Epstien will be discussing hitting

… tonight on the online radio show Championship Thinking Coach, from 6pm-7pm central time. Here is the link:


This is one outstanding program to listen to. Also, on january 13 at 6:00-700 PM Central Daylight Time, Show # 154 will talk about scouting and related topics.


Call in and ask your questions … that’s what this program is designed for. If I’m not mistaken, the program is called:What You Should Know About What Scouts Know, See and Do
The following was taken from a press release about the program

[i]Join Gene Watson, Kansas City Royals coordinator of professional scouting for this timely update on the scouting scene. Scouts are in a unique position in service to the grand 'ole game of baseball. They:

Are the vital ears, eyes, mind and heart between amateur and professional ball.

Often see early what coaches and players see too late
Are trained to spot mental strength along with physical attributes
Are an informed early barometer about changes impacting the game
These points are particular helpful to coaches and players for better understanding trends and developing their program and game.

Gene, in his 13th year of scouting and 3rd with the Royals has also scouted for for the Padres when they won the NL Championship, the Braves & the Marlins when they won the World Series. Gene also scouts in Venezuela and Mexico. Gene was a lefty hurler for U. Texas-Arlington prior to his scouting career.

When you tune in and pick up valuable insights, you’ll have learned more baseball. And success is all about keeping abreast of what is happening in the game and making it work for you!

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with questions or comments[/i]

Coach B.