Might be switching

A couple years ago my doctor told me I had a stigmatism in my left eye I thought nothing off it. I use to bat both right and left handed. Then I dropped the left hand and went right. I think I’m going to go back to left handed because I can see the ball when I hit it. right handed I just guess and swing.

Last Practice I got out right handed and a single on line to Cf left handed and I saw the ball great. Also Im FAST so I can bunt and chop the ball and run it out easy. Only weakness left handed is power need to get use to swinging left handed again. But I feel great and hit the ball pretty good.

Left handed over last couple practices. 3-3 all singles right handed a couple k’s and ground out.

So left handed it is so i can pick the ball up and make sound contact.

Ps. I can bat and throw a baseball left and right handed. So wish me good luck.

Your astigmatism as long as you have corrective lenses shouldn’t have anything to do with seeing the ball better. It’s all a mental thing. So if you feel better hitting left handed go for it.

I don’t were glasses. So it’s a physical thing right handed I can’t pic yup the ball ever if I try hard. But left handed even though my swing is slow I can. because I use my right good eye not the left one.

so your doctor didn’t offer you contacts at least to help with it?

Well, I am somewhat similar but, I stopped going righty simply because I sucked. However, go with how you’re comfortable, that’s what I did.

I just went 2-3 with a walk, single and a triple left handed and grounded out hard.

Also I faced a fast pitcher I fouled off the tough pitches and jumped on the mistakes. It was good to face a fast pitcher and get use to seeing that left handed. The transition has been great and the single came on a ground ball right to the 2nd basemen. Im fast and beat it out LOL. Going lefty has mad me even faster to 1st when I use to beat out ground balls to the SS all the time.

Wish me luck on my journey to getting better left handed.