Middle finger nail bleeds sometimes

My son is a ninth grader and has been pitching for his junior high team. He has had a great season pitching. His has right handed pitcher with a 3/4 or kinda side arm delivery. He throws around 78/79 mph. His high school coach has him throwing primarily a four seam fastball and locating it around the plate. He has thrown a curveball a few times but not much. He pitched five innings on Monday night and then the coach started him again last night but my son could not make it out of the first inning because his middle finger started bleeding around the left side of the middle finger nail. This spot will develop a blood blaster but will not develop a calus. My son says it will sting when the blood blaster appears. On occasions my son will put this finger to his mouth when it starts to crack. I have talked with different folks on what is causing it to occur. His coach told him to suck it up and he has been told to continue pitching to develop a calus. I am guessing this is not uncommon for pitchers. Does anyone have any suggetions of how to stop this from occurring?

This has been happening to me through 4 years of college ball. It is uncommon and i am the only one i have seen run into the problem.

I have heard however that Josh Beckett gets the same problem.

Anyway I have done multiple things to try and curb the bleeding/blisters including super glue before i pitch, salt and vinegar water on it, new skin, and other calus building techniques.

So far there isnt much i can do about it I have been pitching through it

I appreicate your reply, UndersizedRHP. I know we will continue to work through it as you have. Hopefully the healing time will be quick and he can get back mound. Thanks again!

Here’s a product buy a former LA DODGER trainer. I don’t have any experience with it. Hopefully someone here does