Micro-tear labrum


has any1 experienced a tear or “micro” tear on their labrum? iv been to the dr a few a times and seems to think that I have a micro tear. he said an MRI was useless b/c a small tear will very not likely show up on a MRI. he also said i can continue to throw if i can deal with the pain b/c it wouldnt cause any more damage than already done…any opinions???


See another doc. There’s ALWAYS a way to see what’s wrong if something bothering you like this. They can inject dyes and all sorts of things. I tore my labrum. The pain doesn’t go away … and it definitely got worse for me. Get a second opinion.


thnx…i think thats what we are going to do. we just couldnt figure out why he didnt wanna do a MRI.


I read in Cressey’s blog that 75% of MLB pitchers have labral fraying and micro tears. I wouldn’t go to a family physician about this kind of stuff though. Try looking up a specialist.