Michael Baird Pitching Analysis

Can you please also comment on Michaels pick off move to first base. Thanks in advance Steve for providing your feedback.

First off, it looks like you are good ball player with lots of versatility that can work to your advantage. I think you need to work on how to best present that versatility on video. It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this video and I only want to see that time and effort yield the best results possible. It may seem that I’m being a bit rough on you, but understand, the only exposure the scout or recruiter may get, is what’s on this video. I’m trying to give you some good, right between the eyes feedback because this video should be as perfect as possible. The video runs a bit long. Try to take a 40 seconds out of it. I’d remove some pick offs and some of the pitching from the close up side view and a lot of pitches from the angle showing the grounds crew at work. You have too many swings on the video as well. Also, you can save some run time by cutting into and out of immediate movement. As soon as we’ve seen what we need to see, cut to the next play. For example there is a lot of dead time between fly balls or between pitches. It allows the watcher’s eyes to wander away from you. You don’t want us more involved in what the grounds crew is doing than what you are doing on the mound.

Work on catching those fly balls with momentum toward the intended throwing line and making the catch on your throwing side shoulder for smoother transitions and to reduce the time it takes to get the throw off. Perhaps camera placement behind you where we see your jump on the ball, the target line, and how you get your alignment may help you showcase your ability.

On ground balls, keep that glove side quiet, you seem to have a hitch where you flick out the glove to your side before getting your hands out in front. It may make someone think you have a challenge handling burners down the line. On ground balls, the more ground you cover coming to the ball, and the faster you get your thumbs out, palms up, butt down on the ball are better indicators of your range and ability to play those hard grounders. Your video should show you gloving those grounders just after the apex of a strong medium to low bounce. You are shown fielding some really weak grounders in the video and not covering a lot of ground. You need to show a coach that you charge the ball and can read the hops to be in the proper position to field the ball, gather yourself, and make the play.

Your pitching delivery looks sound. Your arm seems a bit slow coming forward into release.
You seem to have a good move to first base. Perhaps trim down the repetitions of this in the video and just show the pick offs where the runner wasn’t totally fooled. An idiot runner doesn’t not make a pick off move great. A great move makes the runner look like a fool. Believe me, there is a distinction.

You seem to make solid contact on the ball with good power. It looked to me that you pulled everything in the video. That may make me wonder if you can control your barrel through the zone or if you can only go to right field when fooled on a pitch. We need to see the ball in flight and not just the contact zone. Move the camera around the outfield or place it behind the plate just inside of the first or 3rd base lines extended, and get pitches that allow you to drive the ball toward different parts of the field.

Best of luck!