Metfan6986's Progress


Fastball:70-73 top 75
Circle Change:58-62
Other Interests:Running, working out
Accomplishments:Five no-hitters in past three years, Second in county in age group 5k race with 22:20
Everyday Things: Ride Bike to school (3.5 miles), Some form cardio work

Update 1: Fastball 72-74 top 76

12/25/08 Update 2: Fastball 74-76 top 78
Height: 5’7.5" Weight 115!

1/5/09 Update 3: I have been working on dangle for three days now, and it has really helped my velocity. I’m not sure how much, but some pitches might be touching the low 80s.

1/22/09 Update 4: Set personal record 40 pushups

2/3/09 Update 5: 5’8" 115 Mechanics coming along and progressing nicely. I’m gaining velocity but I’m not sure how much.

Today I did:

Pull ups:1st set-11 scapular dips:1st set-20
2nd set-9 2nd set-12
3rd set-8 3rd set-10
4th set-6 4th set-10

6 inch hurdles high knees and crossovers sprints-30 minutes

Threw bullpen of 70 pitches felt great.

Today I went for three mile jog after school. I did High knees, lunges,and wind sprints after my run. All before game.

Today I was too dehydrated to eat or workout. All I had today was a bowl of pasta. I had to push myself to get through my game later in the day.

Today I pitched three innings (76 pitches), I gave up six runs (only two were earned). With five strikeouts and seven walks. Ive been working on drifting through the balance point, speeding up my tempo and moving more explosively off of the mound. All of these, we all know, can mess up your control for a while, and Ive only been working on these for three weeks. But I was throwing with good velocity though. They were still swinging at pitches high and low. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and take one step back and three steps forward.

Today I fell off of my bike while I was coming home from school. I hope its not a wrist fracture.

My wrist is starting to feel better. Im going to resume my running, pitching, workouts etc. tomorrow.

Today I threw a bullpen of 40 pitches. It felt great. I didnt go any further because I was being cautious about my wrist. Even though it was my left wrist that I hurt.

Today I did three sets six reps of pull ups. Again I was taking it easy because of my wrist. I did 3 x 25 crunches and then went to my game.

I am starting to get into the habit of doing 4 sets of 25 crunches every night before I go to bed. Today I also went for a 3.5 mile run.

Today I went for a three mile run after school.

I forgot to post yesterday so:
Yesterday in my game I just closed. So I only pitched an inning. My line was 1 IP 2 Ks 0BB 0 hits 10 pitches 7 fastballs 3 changeups. Which is unusual for me to throw that many changeups in 10 pitches because of my overpowering fastball. I dont know if I really needed it though. But it worked.

Today: I went to the handball court today and fielded groundballs off the wall for an hour.

Yesterday I threw 40 pitches in the first game of a double header.

Okay I havent posted in a week so:

Tuesday: Threw about 20 pitches in my game. 1IP 0H 3Ks 1BB. Again comitted cardinal sin- Walk with two outs.

Wednesday: I went for a five mile run.

Thursday: Threw a little bit

Friday: I had a game and I played catcher

Okay I havent posted in a week so:

Monday: Two mile run

Tuesday: Game played third base and long tossed before the game. I also went for a little jog before game time and did 3 x 20 meter sprints.

Wednesday: Threw bullpen of 30 pitches felt great

Thursday: I walked home from school which is 3.5 miles away

Friday: Kc 's megathread workout Strength circuit #1 (No dumbells)
I threw a 41 pitch bullpen felt great but most of my pitches were

Today I did Kc’s megathread strength day two.

I can’t remember what I’ve done this week, but today I did:

800m: 2:55
30 second break
200m: 37
30 second break
800m: 3:10
30 second break
200m: 39
30 second break
100m: 15
jog back
jog back
jog back
100m: 14.8
jog back

Today I caught both games of a double header and pitched an inning.

First game the kid threw 110 pitches.

The next game I pitched the first inning (30 pitches). I wasn’t wild it was just that the ump wouldnt call a strike unless it was right down the middle.
The rest of the pitchers threw about 65 pitches together for the rest of the game.

I am also starting to notice my new lincecum mechanics start to kick in. I’m staring to throw 72-74 while topping out at 76.

How old are you?

He’s 13, if I remember correctly.