Metal bats

They don’t break and they hit the ball farther

Astounding conclusion.
But why hate pitching to them?

It makes it more of a challenge, but I don’t HATE pitching against them. It just makes you work harder and be smarter with you location and pitch selections during a game.

I dont hate pitching to metal bats.
I love pitching to metal bats.
I just love pitching to wood bats a little bit more.

[quote=“Jacobs 21”]
I just love pitching to wood bats a little bit more.[/quote]

Looks like someone’s glass is half-full :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I don’t mind pitching to either bat inherently. However, I dislike pitching to certain players :?

I love any kind of pitching.
you havent been on in a long time
I think.,

i don’t like them because they hit the ball further. :baseballpitcher: :rant:


Well that could go either way.

A linedrive on a wood bat might be a lineout with metal.

I guess worst case scenario is flyout on a wood bat becoming a HR on a metal.

(hi dere Jacobs, I was away for thanksgiving) :iknow:

on the good side, they build plenty of vlad guerrero clones who will chase anything.

no preference.

lol probably because they crank u all the time… HOME RUN!

Hes talkin smack.

I’d take anya yall to the yard